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Sunny 🌞 Sunday 15 minutes can do so much

So many thoughts are flowing through my brain but I'll stick with my sunshine.  

If you're lucky, you can sit in a chair, close your eyes and soak in the rays for 15 minutes. 
You're not checking your phone. 
You're not racing from one crazy thought to another. 
You just sit.  

And if you do just sit, something amazing happens.  

Something happens to me. 
My brain relaxes.
My thoughts are resting. 
They are there but not sitting on my heart. 

And for 15 minutes my mind settles.

Most days I stare at the sun. I look at it from my dining room chair. But today I sat. I opened the door. I let my brain rest. 

I hope that you got your 15 minutes today. 


  1. Oh I love sitting in the sun - just feeling the warmth on my face - I had someone tell me a few years ago to "Imagine yourself as how the sun sees you.." and ever since then I've loved giving myself some time in the sun even more. :) Great reminder.

  2. They are there but not sitting on my heart. I love that line and your advice. It is amazing the difference the sunshine makes.

  3. "I let my brain rest." What a beautiful concept. I will be sure to make this a priority, too. Thank you.

  4. >My brain relaxes.<

    Oh that's a novel idea! :) Seriously, we do some Headspace and practice breathing a couple times a week. Does it help with my students? Debatable. Does it help with me? Yes!

    I hope your 15 minutes helped you today! :)


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