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Day 23: Things that can happen at 12:30 AM

 I looked up and I saw a dark shadow. 

Am I  dreaming? 

What's happening? 

Hun! Wake up! Call Security! 

What are you talking about? I was so confused. Why am I calling security? 

Mary is on the floor in the elevator room. 


Mary is my 90 year old neighbor. 

-So many questions flooded my foggy brain: 

-Why is she on the floor? 

-How did my husband know this at 12:30 AM? 

I grabbed my glasses and my phone. I called security. 

No answer. 

Call nonemergency. 

What ?

I called the precinct. No one answered. And I couldn't figure out the extension because I was still very foggy. 

Call 911. 

I called and got transferred to EMS. 

My neighbor is on the floor. She is 90 years old and seemed very confused. She needs assistance. 

Where are you? 

#11 East 35 st. 

What are the cross streets? 


Is she exhibiting signs of covid? 

I have no idea. 

Yes, in 2021 I was asked the cross streets. 

I got dressed and laid in my bed. 

Still confused and foggy and nervous. 

Back story: My neighbor ,16 years old,  pounded on my door. When My husband answered the door she told him that Mary was on the floor in the doorway eating bread. My husband went to the elevator room and saw her in between the door and eating bread and very confused and came back to call for help. 


  1. I feel your confusion and nervousness. This also hits home because my parents both lived a good long life, but in their final years there was nervousness and anxiety. The use of italics made your piece easier to navigate.

  2. What a story! quite disturbing that security (in your building?) didn't answer the phone, and that the precinct didn't either. And that the EMS person didn't know that that address had to be between Fifth and Madison? I hope your neighbor turned out to be okay.

  3. Oh wow! What a way to wake up... hope she was ok.

  4. Was Mary ok? Such an unnerving experience!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a crazy way to be woke up! Now, what happened next?

    Thanks for sharing this heart pounding slice!


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