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Day 31: side effects

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Day 28: Language is important

It's raining. I wanted to go for a walk but it's really coming down. So I decided to listen to a podcast  ! So while listening to this podcast on the Hawaiian language, and people who are trying to revitalize the language and keep it from extinction, I thought of myself.  I thought of this Who are you? activity I did with my colleagues on Thursday. I thought about all the things that make me, me.   I thought of all the things I am and all the things I am not.  This week, I was confronted with another I am. I am a Puerto Rican who does not speak Spanish. People, a lot of people, look at me and hear my name and assume that I speak Spanish But I do not.  My mom speaks Spanish and my father spoke Spanish and so does my grandmother but I do not.  And that has always been confusing to me and to everyone around me.  And I know why I won't and don't speak Spanish. When I was younger I would try to speak in spanish. The words would swirl in my head. It felt so simple flowing in

Day 27: Don't open your laptop!

Good morning self, I know there is so much that you can do today but don't open the laptop.   You can get ahead. You can grade writing.  You can check reading logs.   You can watch a PD.  Yes it's true but DON'T Open the Laptop! Because you are worth a day away from the screen.  You deserve a walk.  You deserve eyeballs that are not bulging out of your skull.  So just for today, leave the laptop closed, Get outside and enjoy the sunshine for more than 25 minutes.   You deserve it.  Happy Spring Break.  Love, Me

Day 26: Finally Spring Break

 It's Friday at 5:00 PM and the last thing I want to do is open my laptop but here I am.   I mean, I have nothing to write about. School was the usual school.  Last day before break, school.  Kids are burnt out, school.  Teachers are giddy, school.  We had Family Friday! Virtual Family Friday is still a little bit nuts to me. Most of the parents in my class sit near their kiddos all day and know exactly what is happening. There are a few that aren't home and it was cool to see them zoom in from work.  Could that be the silver lining of virtual learning?  Parents that typically wouldn't make it to Family Friday can be there! Then we had a writer visit. This very cooky guy that I thought was nuts and the students absolutely adored. He went through his presentation and I watched their faces and listened to their comments about Aliens and Monsters.  Then there was Sean who was brilliant.  God is powerful and will protect us from Aliens.  I wish I remembered his exact words but

Day 24: Almost there

When I started this challenge I didn't really think I'd make it.a week.  It hasn't been perfect but I've tried. So writing 24 is pretty great.  Today I had a new experience. Our new student entered our zoom. It was so hard for her to navigate the device and the platform but she was super determined.  Trying to communicate over zoom is difficult on a good day. Having to navigate zoom with a teacher who minimally speaks Spanish must be harder. So in the end I'm exhausted but ready for tomorrow. 

Day 23: Things that can happen at 12:30 AM

 I looked up and I saw a dark shadow.  Am I  dreaming?  What's happening?  Hun! Wake up! Call Security!  What are you talking about? I was so confused. Why am I calling security?  Mary is on the floor in the elevator room.    Mary is my 90 year old neighbor.  -So many questions flooded my foggy brain:  -Why is she on the floor?  -How did my husband know this at 12:30 AM?  I grabbed my glasses and my phone. I called security.  No answer.  Call nonemergency.   What ? I called the precinct. No one answered. And I couldn't figure out the extension because I was still very foggy.  Call 911.  I called and got transferred to EMS.  My neighbor is on the floor. She is 90 years old and seemed very confused. She needs assistance.  Where are you?  #11 East 35 st.  What are the cross streets?  What?  Is she exhibiting signs of covid?  I have no idea.  Yes, in 2021 I was asked the cross streets.  I got dressed and laid in my bed.  Still confused and foggy and nervous.  Back story : My neighb